Kansas Speedway Heart Of America 200 Race Recap

Grant Enfinger, No. 23 Chevy Military Appreciation Chevrolet Silverado RST




Post-Race Quote: Grant Enfinger, you have been so close here in the past at Kansas, what was different for you tonight with this dominant win? 

“Kansas has been a good track for us, but we haven’t had a dominant truck like this in a long time. Jeff Hensley did this for me a few years ago. But lights out, we had the best Chevy Silverado out here. Thank you to Champion Power Equipment for sticking with me. It’s been a dismal year and a half. I know we came up with a win last year but overall, the season has been a little sluggish. Our first seven races was a little sluggish. I was disappointed in our execution, but Jeff talked to me before the race and gave me some encouragement. He did a heckuva job tonight but the biggest thing was these guys brought me an unbelievable Chevy Silverado. Thank you to GM and their Military Appreciation Initiative. It’s pretty special, we’ve got a red white and blue truck so definitely very very cool. Thank you to Dayne and everyone at Chevrolet, thank you to Dennis Trine, Todd, Marty, everybody at Champion Power Equipment that’s stuck with me. I definitely think this team is capable of doing this each and every week and I’m glad we sealed the deal today.”

Grant, can you break down the pass that you made with about 30 laps to go? You did a two for a pass, passed two guys for the lead. Walk me through that. 

“You know Zane helped me out there they side drafted each other a little bit there, but at the end of the day, what made that pass possible was we had the best truck out here so thank you to Jeff Hensley, everyone at the fab shop, Jerry, GMS Fabrication, everybody that’s worked so hard on these things. I don’t think we’ve truly showed it but a few times in the year and a half I’ve been over here, but we’re going to show a lot more of it this year. They got side-by-side, and made it a little bit easier on us, but I feel like we had the best truck anyway.”